ICMAS (Integrated Crop Management Assessment System) is an electronic, broad-based assessment system defining the current national and international commercial requirements for food safety and due diligence, such as good agricultural practices (GAP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), social accountability and matters relating to environmental care and safety in the production of fresh produce.

The system has aligned international (Eurocentric) standards with South African circumstances, and is available in English and Afrikaans. More languages can be included as the need arises.

ICMAS consists of a questionnaire, compliance criteria per question, and examples of the documentation required to meet the set standards. In addition, ICMAS contains criteria for the evaluation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and quality-related production and harvesting practices for a number of product types.

Suppliers (growers and processors or packers) can use the ICMAS questionnaire or sections thereof to complete self-assessments, to prepare for final GAP, GMP and social accountability assessments, or to evaluate their performance against various client-specific standards. On completion of their profiles in the ICMAS programme, suppliers must send their results back to the ABSi database.

The ABSi/ICMAS system also allows for validation assessments to confirm the accuracy of suppliers self-assessment data.

ICMAS reports can be produced to indicate the performance of an individual production unit, a group of production units (i.e., a group average), and an individual production unit in relation to a group of units.

Registered users: Click on the Download ICMAS button below the ABSi notebook to download the ICMAS programme. To produce reports, select the required option from the list on the right-hand page of the ABSi notebook.

To register and obtain access to ICMAS, click here.